Cannabis Products

Providing cross-border cannabis product research, development, licensing and legal production services for individuals, companies, and associations.

Forward Thinking

We provide FDA level economies of scale on demand to makers and growers in the global marketplace.

Problem Solvers

We specialise in risk mitigation, Best Production Practice implementation, and pharmaceutical level manufacturing of Cannabis medical and recreational products.

Brand Support

We provide outsourced compliance and risk management for those brands and individuals looking to enter the cannabis space.

Our Story

We operate as licenser and publisher of our partner’s intellectual properties (recipes, formulas, etc) and distribute products within legal jurisdictions, extending partner brands into multiple markets.  Our goal is to provide continuous quality and compliance oversight in all areas of business operations to exceed regulatory requirements.

  • Brand Strategy 100%
  • Compliance Oversight 100%
  • Partner Development 100%
  • Customer Happiness 100%

Meet the Leadership Team

We specialize in risk mitigation, Best Production Practice implementation and pharmaceutical level manufacturing, production of Cannabis containing medical and recreational products.

Our diverse leadership team brings together industry leading professionals with proven track records. Our senior level team members have deep backgrounds in compliance, technology, and manufacturing and provide strength and expertise to our cross-border initiatives.

Renee Gagnon

Renee Gagnon

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Renee Gagnon is the world’s first Federally Licensed Female Cannabis Pubco CEO, security specialist, and international speaker. Renee has been fortunate enough to be at the beginning of several major trends and market creations. Throughout her career, detecting and then capitalizing on change has been her focus.

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She is a serial startup founder, skilled at survival, stress and team building. She is both the first Transgender Publicly traded marijuana company CEO and the first female one – Thunderbird Biomedical Inc (now EMH.v) was the 5th licensed Federally sanctioned Medical Marijuana company in Canada (and one of a handful on the planet). Renee built the core team, created and executed on the business plan and raised $3.7 M in funding then took the company public ($25M Valuation at IPO)… She went on to use this insight to create a diverse workforce with strong female leadership across the HollyWeed North Cannabis Inc. organization.

After exiting Thunderbird Biomedical Inc in Jan 2015 as founding CEO and Board member, she has chosen to focus on US based infrastructure and supply delivery for the Cannabis Industry.

Catch her on the June 2017 cover of DOPE Magazine.

Mary Stipancic

Mary Stipancic

Chief Operating Officer / Interim Chief Compliance Officer

Mary Stipancic is the Chief Operating Officer / Interim Chief Compliance Officer for HollyWeedNorth Cannabis Inc™. Mary is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the business operations and quality and compliance activities to drive extensive and sustainable growth and ensure that all aspects of the organization comply with the Health Canada Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations and applicable regulations and guidelines.

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Mary is a highly respected and accomplished operational and quality and compliance executive with over 24 years of experience providing organizational leadership in the extremely regulated pharmaceutical industry. Mary holds a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Chemistry and started her professional career in a laboratory setting. This experience helped Mary transition into a quality assurance auditor role where she never looked back and climbed the corporate ranks very rapidly. Mary’s experience includes managing, directing and controlling overall corporate operations, systems, processes, policies, and functions, ensuring compliance with Health Canada, US Food and Drug Administration and International regulations and guidelines including Good Clinical Practice, Good Laboratory Practice, Good Manufacturing Practice, Privacy and Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures. Most recently, Mary served as Vice President, Quality Assurance/Chief Privacy Officer at Pharma Medica Research Inc., a renowned Contract Research Organization providing clinical trial and laboratory analysis services to global innovator and generic pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Mary headed a multi-country and multi-location QA team in the areas of auditing, compliance, computer system validation, privacy, clinical trial monitoring and record archive. In this capacity, Mary developed corporate strategies to facilitate continuous improvement and spearheaded business progress with company growth and expansion into the US market. In addition, Mary was authorized by Health Canada as the Individual in Charge of Premises for controlled substances and oversaw and managed the license activities. Mary joined the company in 2003 and held other executive quality management positions during that time. Earlier, Mary held various quality assurance management and auditor roles at Maxxam Analytics Inc. with a focus on pharmaceutical laboratory testing. Mary is honoured to be a part of the HollyWeed North ™ team and excited to be a pioneer in the revolutionary cannabis industry.

Leslie Gerard

Leslie Gerard

Chief Marketing Officer

As a seasoned and accomplished entertainment industry executive, Leslie Gerard has moved through her career with relentless determination and a cutting edge approach to each and every project she takes on. Leslie’s vast experience in entertainment marketing, business development, talent management and A&R have made her an invaluable asset to both the private and corporate companies that she works with.

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Based in Los Angeles, Leslie Gerard currently holds the title of Chief Marketing Officer at HollyWeed North Cannabis Inc ™, where she works with A-List talent to develop partnerships and strategies around new product launches. In addition, she oversees the marketing strategies, sales, and publicity arms of each campaign and acts as a liaison between artists and management.

Prior to this position, Gerard has served as VP Branding and Business Development at New Heights Entertainment working with a number of high-profile clients including uber-producer RedOne (Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull) and his 2101 Records (7Lions, Havana Brown) Executive Music Producer Adam Anders (Glee, Rock Of Ages,) Nikki Anders (Glee Project, Glee) and the Anders’ Deep Well Records (Shane Harper.) At New Heights, Gerard’s responsibilities included procuring sponsorships, integrating marketing programs and bringing maximum visibility to clients through brand and product development. Before New Heights Entertainment she served as Director of Marketing at The Walt Disney Company where her duties included the implementation of corporate objectives in order to spearhead and successfully turn Disney Channel television characters into household names and stand-alone brands. Other responsibilities included the creation of successful E Market strategies, social media marketing, PR campaigns and strategic planning in conjunction with each artist release and introducing “fly away” promotions for such stellar artists as Jesse McCartney, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez & The Scene and Vanessa Hudgens amongst others.

In addition to New Heights and The Walt Disney Company, Leslie Gerard was also employed at Boo Management where she helped grow brand awareness for Hilary Duff and developed a strategic marketing plan resulting in Duff’s Billboard #1 debut album Wake Up. In addition, Gerard was instrumental in guiding the “With Love By Hilary Duff” fragrance campaign by tying in the album strategy and making it one of the three best-selling fragrances on 2006. Prior to Boo Management, Gerard worked at Moir Borman where she was the worldwide day to day manager of the Rolling Stones and implemented the marketing campaign for the band’s Forty Licks double compilation album resulting in over 17 mm albums sold and an eye-opening debut for the album at #2 on the Billboard Charts.

Leslie Gerard holds an Associate Degree, Business Management from Los Angeles Valley College and resides in Los Angeles. 


Vicki Pavloski

Vicki Pavloski

Chief Technology Officer

Vicki is a computer scientist with more than 20 years of experience in managing, architecting and building large-scale enterprise, web, and mobile software solutions.  Her background includes big data, robotics, embedded software, hardware engineering, iOT, and web and mobile applications delivery in all major programming languages and modern frameworks.

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Vicki has delivered software for Fortune 500 companies as well as the US Government and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Degree in Electronics. In past roles, she has been the lead electronics engineer for the Skidoo Snowmobile Cluster, worked as a manufacturing engineer in electronics manufacturing, worked on software and hardware for the automotive and pasta industries, and developed software and database systems for various websites and applications used by the US Government.  Vicki specializes in creating software and hardware systems that are easy to use and work well without getting in the way.